Application Category

Application Category

Campus Digital Bulletin Board

A digital bulletin board is set up on campus to replace the traditional paper or poster announcement, and the NovoDisplay smart display solution is designed for it. NovoDisplay is built-in NovoDS digital signage software to quickly create digital content and provide flexible and real-time announcements.

Elementary School Classroom

Vivitek DU775Z-UST ultra-short-throw laser projector can support up to 150-inch large-screen projection within a short distance, suitable for elementary school. The teacher's eyes will not be disturbed by the projection light, and if placed only a few meters away from the wall or projection screen, it can project a large and clear image.
Education Projector

Interactive Whiteboard

NovoTouch interactive display solution is the best interactive teaching tool for teachers. This series of 4K high-definition multi-touch display solution provides wireless collaboration, content sharing, and screen writing to achieve interactive teaching between teachers and students.

University Classroom

With a high brightness of 7,000 lumens, the DU4871Z is a WUXGA laser projector with diverse connectivity options and is suitable for large spaces, even with high ambient lighting, such as University classrooms or conference rooms.
Conference Projector

School Lecture Hall

The newly designed lightweight laser projector DU6299Z delivers 11,000 lumen brightness and supports motorized lenses, making it ideal for large venues and school lecture halls.
Large Venue Projector